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Non stick egg shape for creative breakfasts

Non stick egg shape for creative breakfasts

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Give your food the perfect shape with our non stick egg shape! this egg shape not only ensures firm eggs, but also gives a round and appealing shape in a short time. With folding handles and an adjustable angle design, it protects against hand burns and is easy to carry and store. Ideal for egg muffins, mini pancakes, fried and poached eggs, breakfast sandwiches, hamburgers and more

Easy to clean with a non-stick surface that releases food easily after use. Made of safe and durable stainless steel for daily use without risk of deformation or rust.

Product information:

Material: Stainless steel
Size: Small (1.7*7.1cm), Large (8.5*2.2cm)
The package includes: 1 *Non Stick Egg Shape

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