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Multifunctional peeler with hand crank

Multifunctional peeler with hand crank

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Experience easy and even peeling with our hand-cranked multi-function peeler. This innovative peeler comes with a stainless steel blade for fast and stable peeling. The adaptive design automatically adjusts to the size of the fruit, so you can turn the handle and peel smoothly without worry

It is easy to peel all types of fruit with a surface that follows the shape of the fruit, providing thin and continuous peels without wasting the pulp. With a powerful vacuum suction cup base and squid tentacle-like design, the peeler sits firmly without slipping. The entire unit can be washed under water, which ensures easy cleaning and hygienic use. Equipped with a replaceable cutting head, maintenance is simple and hassle-free.

Product information:

Material: ABS+stainless steel
Size: Upgraded model (apple peeler + splitter)
Weight: approx. 0.43 kg

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