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Mosquito trap Trap-X

Mosquito trap Trap-X

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Tired of mosquitoes ruining summer evenings?

Say thank you and goodbye to mosquito bites when you're outdoors, thanks to the test winner Trap-X. It will be much nicer to barbecue, camp or relax in the garden when you get rid of tired, stinging and biting insects. The mosquito trap is equipped with a USB cable, so you can use it where you need it most.

Irresistible Lures

How does it work?

The mosquito trap's UV light generates a photocatalytic process where carbon dioxide is released to mimic human exhalation, effectively attracting mosquitoes and gnats.

An Inescapable Trap

The mosquito trap is effective, yet quiet. With this you will not notice loud noises like from traditional mosquito traps or zappers. Once the mosquito is trapped in the chamber, it is dried out by the built-in fan.

EASY CLEANING: Unlock the chamber and empty it of mosquitoes and gnats. You can also easily wash the chamber if necessary.

Can be used anywhere

The mosquito trap X-trap has a universal USB power port, and can easily be used with a power bank, laptop or regular power outlet with a socket, making it the perfect mosquito trap!

USB Charging

How many do I need?

If you struggle with a lot of mosquitoes in your home, we recommend buying 2 or more. One unit for each living room and bedroom for maximum protection against mosquitoes and ticks. If you rarely have mosquitoes in the house, we recommend starting with a unit near each main entrance to the home.

Product information:

Product power supply: DV 5V-1A
Product size: 19*12cm
Power cord length: 94cm
Rated power: 5W
Rated voltage: 220V110~220V
Weight: 290g

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