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Mini portable bicycle pump – compact and powerful

Mini portable bicycle pump – compact and powerful

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Resume cycling quickly and efficiently with our mini portable bike pump. With 30% fewer pump strokes than traditional pumps, you achieve the desired pressure of up to 100 psi / 6.9 bar without problem. Extremely compact and lightweight, this pump is only 7.3 inches long and weighs 3.6 oz, ideal for the weight-conscious rider

Made from premium cnc machined aluminum alloy for durability and precision, it ensures a safe and comfortable bike ride. The pump has a secure threaded valve connection to avoid air leaks and is only compatible with presta valves. Remember to check the core if it is screwed in well. The included frame mount and extra safety strap provide a steady experience without shaking or loss of pump. Note: mounting requires pre-drilled holes in the bike frame.

Product information:

Material: aluminum alloy
Size: 128-198 mm (5.0-7.8 in)
Weight: 100 g
Color: Black
Package: Pump × 1; Throttle pin × 1; Bracket × 1; Ribbon × 1; Screw × 2

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