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Graphene cotton panties - comfort and quality

Graphene cotton panties - comfort and quality

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Experience unparalleled comfort with our graphene cotton panty, designed to give you the feeling of walking on clouds. Protect your sensitive area every day with this breathable material that absorbs sweat and says goodbye to dampness. A smooth and acne-free skin thanks to 100% cotton steps that prevent itching and tightness

With its honeycomb structure that conducts moisture, and an elastic seam that stretches in 8 directions, it offers a seamless and comfortable fit without squeezing. Choose quality with our high-quality material that includes a comfortable, elasticated waistband and a soft, non-itchy lace edge. With colors that do not fade and are non-toxic, these panties are a safe choice for everyday life and well-being.

Product information:

Material: Polyester, Wedge: 100% cotton
Colour: Black, Pink, Green, Brown, Beige, Brick red, Blue
Usual size: Waist 58-80cm, Hips 62-84cm, Length 21cm, Weight recommendation 40-60 kg
Plus size: Waist 64-88cm, Hips 72-96cm, Length 26cm, Weight recommendation 60-85kg
The package includes: 5 or 7 pcs Grafén Cotton Briefs (depending on the package)

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