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Faucet amplifier filter - cleaner water and flexible use

Faucet amplifier filter - cleaner water and flexible use

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Make the water flow from your faucets cleaner and more controlled with our faucet booster filter. The splash-proof filter is easy to install and fits almost all types of faucets, and transforms the use of the kitchen or bathroom faucet into a more hygienic and flexible experience. With its telescopic and 360 degree rotatable design, it offers easy adaptation to your needs. The high-quality material ensures that both hot and cold water can be used safely.

Product information:

Material: PP + PVC
Size: Expandable from 8cm to 12cm in length, 3cm in diameter
Weight: 59 g
Color: Available in pink, blue, green
Package Contents: 1 * Faucet Amplifier Filter

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