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Expono's mop

Expono's mop

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The ultimate mop for any home!

Finished mop set ready for use. This is the product everyone is talking about. Exponos is the ultimate mop that every home needs! Exponos is particularly suitable for rooms where grease and dirt accumulate, for example kitchens, bathrooms and entrance areas. The mop makes it easy to clean different types of floors, everything from wooden floors, laminate and tiles. Can be rotated 360 degrees so you can reach everywhere.

Cleaning floors, walls and ceilings has never been so easy . Make cleaning a breeze! How lovely is it not to have to wring out the mop?

Simply turn the scrubbing plate so that you can reach even the tightest places. The mop can be washed in the machine when you are finished, we recommend that you wash at 30˚C. Adjustable shaft up to 140 cm.


  • Smart mop that makes cleaning the floor easier.
  • Easy to handle
  • Quickly removes dirt from the floor.
  • Washable combi mop that can be used over and over again.

Product information:

Mop type: flat mop
Lifespan: 10 years
Telescope length: 140cm
Str. mop: 15*37cm
Weight: 780g
Mop material: microfiber
Fastening type: Velcro
Can be machine washed

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