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Dining set in silicone

Dining set in silicone

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A nice complete dining set in silicone in the most beautiful colours!

The set contains a silicone bib, cup and a plate with dividers, and bowl with spoon. Both the plate and the bowl have an anti-slip base, so they stand steady during the meal. The silicone makes the food slide more easily on the child's spoon. The bib is easy to wipe off and is waterproof. The front pocket is very practical as it catches leftover food. The size can be adjusted at the neck. This dining set is perfect for the smallest children!

Product information:

Cup: 72x75mm (74 grams)
Bowl: 80x116mm (152 grams)
Bib: 225x300mm (114 grams)
Plate: 190x210mm (325 grams)
Spoon: 32x145mm (18 grams)
Material: Silicone

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